4 Wheel Single Seat Foldaway Golf Buggies

Welcome to the Pennine Fore Mk III – leading the way in personal 4 wheel single seat foldaway golf buggies.

4 wheel single seat foldaway golf buggies - Pennine Fore
The Pennine Fore Mk III

The Pennine Fore Mk III golf buggy is our four wheel offering for those golfers who prefer a higher powered vehicle and additional stability.

The Pennine Fore III takes on the steepest of hills and the most demanding golf courses with the greatest of ease. This is due to its 400 watt motors, high-powered speed controller and sealed-gel batteries, and higher spec gearbox. It travels at up to 7mph. It is controlled by a simple hand-grip stepless speed control. This is accompanied by a fail-safe automatic electro-magnetic braking system.

The reverse gear provides flexible manoeuvrability on the course and its virtually noiseless motors make driving a joy. The open-style of the Pennine Fore III makes chatting with your on-foot golfing partners easy and seamless. This means that you are always ‘part of the crowd’.


Features of our 4 wheel single seat foldaway golf buggies

Our 4 wheel single seat foldaway golf buggies:

  • Fold down and fit into most estate car boots
  • Capable of a full 18 holes
  • Forward and reverse drive
  • Climbs steep hills
  • Trouble-free sealed-gel batteries
  • Fully automatic charger
  • Bag stand and basket
  • 12 month warranty
  • British built


Drive in Comfort and Style

The Pennine Fore III is a stable and robust golf buggy which looks great on the golf course. Its wide pneumatic tyres give wide-track stability and avoid damage to the fairways. The Fore provides a smooth, comfortable ride. Its moulded padded seat is positioned at the most easily accessible height from the ground.

A single handlebar mounted grip control for accelerating and braking makes for the simplest driving experience. This means that you can concentrate on your drive rather than ‘your driving’.


Fully Portable

The Pennine Fore III fits into most estate car boots. The steering column folds down. However, a separate trailer is available for those who prefer to tow their golf-buggy.

Once the Fore is out of the car, assembly is quick and easy. It takes less than one minute to be up and running, ready for the course. Use a trailer and once disembarked, your buggy is ready to go straightaway.

The Pennine Fore III is backed up by a full 12 month warranty and the sealed-gel batteries are covered by a 12 month proportional guarantee.

Owner servicing is minimal and simple. As soon as the batteries are fully charged, the fully automatic battery charger provided will switch itself to maintenance mode to prevent over-charging.


Technical Specification

Technical specifications of our 4 wheel single seat foldaway golf buggies are:

Fore III
Height 889mm (35")
Width  673mm (26½”)
Length (inc. rack) 1448mm (57”)
Turning Circle 4570mm (15')
Weight (exc. batteries) 56 kg
Battery Weight (pair) 45 kg
Battery Type 2 x 12v 80 amp/hr dryfit (24v system)
Maximum Speed  11.3 km/hr (7 mph) & reverse
Speed Controller Fully proportional solid state (high power version)
Motors 2 x 24v 400w (with higher spec gearbox)
Tyres  4 x pneumatic 330mm 5.00-4 4ply


Power Unit and Controls


A rocker switch selects forward and reverse gears.
The removable ignition key securely disables the buggy when not in use.
The hand-grip accelerator gives smooth speed response.


Two high efficiency motors drive the rear wheels through sealed gears giving an effortless thrust.
They also act as a braking system.


Two heavy duty, non-spill batteries make easy work of even the most arduous 18 holes.
No liquid top up required – reliable and complete with carrying handles or straps.

Additional features on the Fore include:

  • 33% more powerful motors
  • 60% more battery power
  • Higher powered speed controller
  • Higher spec gearbox
  • Direct linkage steering
  • Variable front wheel suspension
  • Automatic electric parking break for additional security when parking

Download the Fore Owner’s Manual (pdf).

The price of the Pennine Fore III is £2,449.

This price includes VAT and delivery in mainland Britain (excluding the Scottish highlands).


The Fore Trailer

4 wheel single seat foldaway golf buggies - Four-Wheel Driver Trailer
Fore Trailer – fully legal for road use.

The Pennine Fore trailer comes complete with:

  • 50mm tow hitch;
  • jockey wheel;
  • trailer board with electrics and ratchet tie-down; and is
  • fully legal for road use.

The price of the Fore trailer is £460.

This price includes vat in mainland Britain (excluding the Scottish highlands).
Delivery is in addition to price above and will be calculated accordingly.


Rechargeable Batteries Guarantee

When Pennine Golf Buggies supply rechargeable batteries they are normally covered by the battery manufacturer’s own guarantee.

If they are not covered by the battery manufacturer’s guarantee, Pennine Golf Buggies will guarantee the battery for a period of 12 months from the date of manufacture on a proportional basis.

The words ‘proportional basis’ mean that the price of replacement from Pennine Golf Buggies will be reduced in proportion to the remaining period of the guarantee after the battery ceased operating normally. The proportion will reduce to zero after 12 months.


Technical Support for our 4 wheel single seat foldaway golf buggies

Full technical and service backup is available for our 4 wheel single seat foldaway golf buggies.

The Pennine Fore Mk III comes with a full 12 month warranty. If any problems do arise with your golf buggy within this time period, please contact our Scottish agent at Pennine Golf Buggies who is fully factory-trained and will come out and fix your Pennine Fore at your home, or will pick it up and get it quickly repaired and returned to you – ensuring that you’re back up and ‘driving’ on the golf course again as soon as possible.

Outwith this 12 month period, Pennine Golf Buggies can service your golf buggy. We can arrange to resolve any issues that arise with it and provide any spare parts as required.
For more information on our 4 wheel single seat foldaway golf buggies, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01592 202429.


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