All our parts and accessories, golf buggy prices, and downloadable manuals & maintenance diagrams are listed below.


Parts and Accessories



Price inc. vat Driver Driver + Fore III
Batteries (each) £138.60 £186.00 £186.00
Battery Charger – 7A £96.00 £96.00 £96.00
Brushes (each) £5.68 £5.68 £5.68
Wheels (each) £42.00 £42.00 £43.32
Seat with bracket £97.52 £97.52 £97.52

Please contact Pennine Radio Ltd for any other spares you require.



Price inc. vat
Driver Trailer £490.00
Fore Trailer £460.00
Umbrella Holder £15.60
Basket £20.80
Bag Stand £69.08


*Parts and accessories above are subject to a delivery charge.

Please contact us for a total price including delivery.


Golf Buggy Prices

Price inc. vat
Pennine Driver £1,794.00
Pennine Driver Plus £2,100.00
Pennine Fore Mk III £2,449.00


Please note that all prices for new golf buggies include delivery in mainland Britain
(excluding the Scottish highlands).


Manuals & Maintenance

Please click on the links below for pdf versions of the Driver and Fore manuals:


If you wish to maintain your Pennine golf buggy yourself, please see attached wiring diagrams, and how to change a motor:

We can also help you out with any maintenance issues or servicing requirements you may have.

Give us a call and we will help you in any way we can.

If you are not in Scotland, we have other golf agents in the UK. Visit Pennine Radio Ltd, the manufacturer of Pennine Golf Buggies, and you will be able to view the golf agent nearest to you on their golf cart agents map.

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